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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where to deliver?


When i was confirmed pregnant, 1st thing in mind was, where to deliver? Kalau kat KL memg x fikir dah sebab akan refer back to PPUM la kan... 

I suggested to my husband to send me back to Seremban and deliver at SALAM Senawang, but husband awal2 x bagi heheh which i pun berat hati sebenarnya to do that sebab i prefer my husband to be around rather than going back alone with kids as early 2 months prior to my EDD... 

Bila dh anak ke3 ni, bukan x excited for the preparation tp rasa mcm everything is okay and still early to prepare... termasuklah nk buka buku pink/ante-natal check up. We tried to ask around the nearest KKIA to open up the ante-natal book, but we end up to open up at Medisinar Clinic (1 Borneo).

For me, x banyak yang i risaukan, i juz need to monitor my blood pressure and HB (due to history of anemia with Luqman) and pregnancy diabetic (history with Luthfi).. well, after few check up, i feel a little bit uneasy sebab masih x tau nk deliver kt hospital mane...(more or less im a little bit dissappointed with the ante natal check up at the clinic maybe)

Lucky me i have few friends though there are only my vendor group friends, i asked in the group whatsapp and few hospital has been suggested. I already google about KPJ and Damai Specialist Hospital (this is the only hospital that i knew in KK selain the Queen Elizabeth Hospital la kan...)

During that time, most of my friends suggested Rafflesia Medical Centre because of good doctors, good services and affordable (cheaper than KPJ). After Rafflesia, one of my friends also suggested KK Medical Specialist.

For someone new in KK, i have never know that KK has different hospital for maternity. Queen Elizabeth Hospital hanya untuk kes2 selain maternity. Somewhere end of January, we went to look for the hospital location and quotation of bill.

1st of all, we went to Hospital Likas (this is the government hospital that specialised for maternity) - Kompleks Wanita dan Kanak-kanak. I seriously thought that this place is like PPUM (Kompleks Wanita dan Kanak-kanak)... seriously dh excited sebab for me, for a government hospital, PPUM is really a good and comfortable to deliver, they have good facilities. Bila i asked around and knowing that the place is crowded, one whole city tertumpu di hospital ni je, i terus fikir byk kali, nk beranak sini ke?

Next day, we went to Rafflesia Medical Centre(RMC), this place is just few shoplot that renovated to be hospital... it looks nice and clean... most people recommended to deliver here and they said cost for maternity is not that expensive here. But what most important for me is to get the antinox and pethidine ;p so i query to the nurses (it was on sunday so the place really quiet and luckily i met the nurses at upstairs). Lucky me, one of the nurses had advised me to go to the Jesselton Medical Centre (JMC) because the recommended doctor had moved to the hospital. Other than that, RMC also does not have the antinox as i wanted.

credit to source:google / www.rafflesiamedicalcentre.com 

From RMC, its not that far to drop by to JMC, so we decided to settle it by today. We went to JMC and i really impressed with the hospital. it looks very nice, they have their own building and friendly staffs. As i mentioned before, it was Sunday so at the receptionist, they gave me business card and contact person so i can call the hospital rather than coming over to check on the matter that i would like to inquiry.  It sounds fair enough so we went back home and by that time, i'm pretty sure that i really love the hospital and will consider to deliver my baby there.

credit to source: google /jmc.my 

Next day i called JMC and fixed appointment date. In JMC, they have 3 o&g consultants and one of them is Dr. Sutha. I choose Dr. Sutha because i prefer to deliver with female doctor. Alhamdulillah, Allah has ease our search of hospital, during my first appointment with Dr Sutha, it was really great, i got all explanation about everything that i'm worried about together with the quotation of the bills if i delivered my baby here.

For those who are in KK and looking for hospital to deliver, JMC is highly recommended and the bills are really affordable. I delivered normal and i requested for pethidine, it costs us plus minus RM3k++

For monthly check up, its not more than RM150.. for the 1st consultation which inclusive 3D/4D scanning, medication and doctor consultation. Other than that, monthly check up will cost not more than RM100 for doctor consultation and scanning or CTG.

Post delivery check up is also free and minimal charge for PAED consultation to check up on jaundice.

There is also a new hospital in town,Gleneagles Hospital which located at KK Times Square. For more info about the hospital, can refer to their website gleneagleskk.com.my

Till then~xoxo 

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