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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New episode : Luqman will be going to school


Tinggal sebulan lebih je lagi nk masuk tahun baru 2016... macam tahun2 sebelum nye, azam tahun baru masa tahun 2015 dh bkubur x ingat apa pun misi tahun 2015 ni sebenarnye heheh tapi bersyukur sangat2 sebab 2015 telah menjadi tahun yang penuh up & down in our small family. 

Macam2 sangat cabaran dan dugaan yang menjadi sebahagian memori dan kenangan kami sekeluarga di bandaraya Kota Kinabalu ni. Permulaan tahun 2015 yang amat mengujakan, went for vacation and welcome our new addition in May. Everything was so fast and we were super busy to think and to plan anything until we realise it's already October.

Busy preparing for welcoming our new addition (Luzman), raya celebration, we totally drop on hunting pre school for Luqman. It feels like, hey, Luqman is turning 4 this coming January and yet we had not decided or searching any schools for him. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Birthday : Luthfi Raeze turns 2


Alhamdulillah, Luthfi Raeze is 2!

Luthfi sayang, 

You have a very special place in my heart, a special one... sometimes ibu and ayah always say that you are the cranky one, the naughtiest among all, but, u are the sunshine in the family.. 

Ibu and ayah really sorry becoz till today we cant find the best solution for your eczema.. insyaAllah, we will keep trying and finding what's the best for you. 

You are one of a kind, some find day i know u are very independent boy. You are such a clever and genius boy on your own ways. Ibu will always pray for your happiness. 

Please dont feel that we love Luqman or Luzman more, because we love all of you so much.. without one of you, it wouldnt be complete. 

Please dare with me, i tried my best to be more patience, to care more, to love more... Please dont stop loving us.. 

Ayah, Ibu, Luqman and Luzman wish u Happy 2nd Birthday and we will celebrate it soon =) we love u~

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mini Getaway : Kundasang


2 am and I cant sleep. The boys easily sleep without all the dramas; crying and protesting of not sleeping, thank you for not having a nap during the maghrib. Looking at the boys sleeping really like to hug them all three, but forget about it or else it will be the miserable night for me to have 2 boys waiting at my pillow and asking me to wake up. 

view of mountains at mersilau

The trip to kundasang was fun. We went to mersilau as usual, having our routine cooking our special dinner - nasi panas and hot tomyam really a good treat for a very cold weather. The next morning, my husband and i woke up early and went out to take some "wefie" together (ye la klu ada anak2 mane nk menyempat nye amik gmbr berdua kan) 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Salam Merdeka 2015~


Salam Kemerdekaan Malaysian... Apa perancangan merdeka korang? Teringat zaman dulu2 kt universiti, dh jadi mcm trending sangat2 student keluar merata x balik hostel nak sambut merdeka. Masa tu remaja lagi, even masa sekolah pun x penah amik port pasal sambutan merdeka ni (nampak x kat situ skema & suka hidup dalam dunia sndiri je) Rasa x up to date sgt sebab x penah plan pun aktiviti mlm merdeka ni... salu nya tido je dibaluti selimut dan bantal busuk empuk tanpa punya perkiraan nk wish salam merdeka pun. 

Bila dah masuk main campus UIA masa tu, adalah kengkawan sikit2 kan, so ada sekali tu, ntah mcm mane, kitorg boleh reramai plan nk bjln malam merdeka. Xde la ramai mane, adalah dlm 10 org kot klu x silap... masa tu rasa happening plak sebab x penah buat bnda mcm tu kan... ni pun sebab roomate ajak (time ni kebetulan kitorg baru dpt ptptn and beriye la planning keluar jenjalan sesama) sekali dgn coursemate yakni jiran blk sebelah kitorg gak.. 

Masa tu kitorg sebilik ada 4 orang,best part dlm berempat ni, sorang je ada lesen kete, Ejoe... lain2 semua x reti... geng jiran plak semua ada lesen and ada kereta sndiri. Sebab berkobar2 nak jenjalan malam merdeka tu, kitorg tong tong sewa kereta kancil for one whole day (masa tu masih femes kancil, viva pun xde lagi).

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Long lost update?


With two kids you feel like you are fully occupied? Wait until you have three! hahaha Dulu masa anak sorang pun suam2 kuku trus x update blog, when it was two, langsung x update, what do you expect when you have three? 

Seriously now i understand how's the feeling of having "tangan sotong"! Penat x yah ckp la kan, dh sorang, sorang plak nangis, dah settle sorang, buat perangai lagi sorg, gitu la kesudah tiap2 hari... there goes my baking schedule... makin lama makin kelaut... but still need to restock at the boutiques and fulfill self ordered to me... 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where to deliver?


When i was confirmed pregnant, 1st thing in mind was, where to deliver? Kalau kat KL memg x fikir dah sebab akan refer back to PPUM la kan... 

I suggested to my husband to send me back to Seremban and deliver at SALAM Senawang, but husband awal2 x bagi heheh which i pun berat hati sebenarnya to do that sebab i prefer my husband to be around rather than going back alone with kids as early 2 months prior to my EDD... 

Bila dh anak ke3 ni, bukan x excited for the preparation tp rasa mcm everything is okay and still early to prepare... termasuklah nk buka buku pink/ante-natal check up. We tried to ask around the nearest KKIA to open up the ante-natal book, but we end up to open up at Medisinar Clinic (1 Borneo).

For me, x banyak yang i risaukan, i juz need to monitor my blood pressure and HB (due to history of anemia with Luqman) and pregnancy diabetic (history with Luthfi).. well, after few check up, i feel a little bit uneasy sebab masih x tau nk deliver kt hospital mane...(more or less im a little bit dissappointed with the ante natal check up at the clinic maybe)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Welcome to the family our bundle of joy, LR3!


Alhamdulillah, i safely delivered LR3 last Friday, 15.05.2015 :-) it was a scheduled induce delivery but i'm glad everything went well...

Introduce to you, our new addition to the family, LR3..

#Day7 #LR3

We have agreed to name him, LUZMAN RAEZE

Dear Luzman, 

Ayah, ibu, Luqman and Luthfi welcome you to the family... may ur arrival will bring more happiness to the family =) 

Semoga Allah sentiasa melindungi kamu and ketahuilah bahawa ibu sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan kamu, moga kamu menjadi anak yang bijak, yang soleh dan moga kehidupan kamu sentiasa dirahmati dan diberkati Allah. 

Ayah & ibu akan sentiasa berusaha yang terbaik untuk membesarkan kamu dan abag2 kamu, memberikan yang terbaik yang kami termampu, kerana kamu dan abang2 kamu harta yang paling berharga yang kami miliki... 

Love all of u always my LRs... 

Till then~ xoxo :-) 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Long easy breezy weekend~


Extra 2 days for weekend holiday is super fun... Having mr husband at home with the kids, i have more time to relax hehe actually we have few plan during the weekend, to settle few things before back to routine but for a verbal plan only, everything has not been done hahaha

Actually i had planned and booked for a picnic pack at Tanjung Aru on 1st May, but due to slightly raining, we cancelled it and brought the kids to enjoy the new indoor playground at 1 Borneo, Kidzoona... 

They really enjoyed the place, a bigger playground and more toys... however, for a 1st day, some of the kids already broke the toys inside there T_T i hope my kids will not be 1 of the destroyer...

"Kita hanya merancang tapi Tuhan yang menentukan"... heheh should i say that? we planned to buy baby stuffs, to complete few things but we ended up buying unnecessary things for ourselves... hahah ni bukan Tuhan yang menentukan tp ikut nafsu shopping! 

For Saturday and Sunday were totally lazy days... we spent times at home only watching movies... another non beneficial days for me which we have planned to clean up the house but we ended up just laying around accompanied each other... 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hello May!~


At this moment at 4 a.m. in the morning, i still cant sleep... i'm super duper tired but eyes just cant close and enjoy the night... am i nervous? Its about 2 weeks from now counting days to deliver our beloved 3rd son, insyaAllah... but doctor review said that it might be earlier from the EDD... 

Tonite was adventurous when the brixton hicks started from 10++ pm until 2 a.m. ++ close to 3 a.m. already set in mind that maybe today is the day... but still im praying its not the day yet because im mentally not prepared hahah neither physically i think... the house is not ready, the stuffs are not ready (few things to buy) 

More than that im worried about the big boys... what will happen to them when im not around, is my husband capable to handle both of them? I think its a relief also when tonite both so cranky hanging around me and husband took both and put them to sleep... husband told me to sleep in another room, both boys slept with him, alhamdulillah... when i sneak into the room,i saw the little boy sleep well... =) good job, husband... at least i know they will be okay if im not around later... 

Monday, April 20, 2015

1 Month later..


Sejak dua menjak ni rajin update blog yang dlu berhabuk malas sgt nk hapdate kan? Hehehe kerajinan ni melanda oleh kehadiran gadget baru yang memudahkan proses meng update blog (konon2nya) padahal laptop masa hantaran kawen tu elok je lagi n memg x guna sgt pun dr sejak beli dlu... adalah pakai masa mula2 beli tu utk buat kerja, tp lama2 dh kawen kononnye xkan bawa keje blk rumah tuk fokus pada family kata nye... (ye ye je kan...) 

Actually dh lama giler asyik tgk laptop ni, tapi rasa mcm xde keperluan nk beli memandangkan yg lama pun ltk lam almari camtu je kan... sebelum ni memg minat sgt2 kat Asus Transformers tu... drooling giler2 rasa golek2 nk beli... tapi fikir xkan pakai n mcm bazir, memg tiap kali gi kedai, tgk je la tp x penah la terfikir seriously nak membeli... 

Lepas tu masa pergi Taiwan aritu pun, mcm biasala bila husband ni gadget lover, menjengah la tempat2 gadget mcm Lowyat tu kan... byk giler gadget yg sgt2 haptodate dr kita di Msia ni... rasa mcm "back to the future" plak sampai sana... 

Friday, April 17, 2015

4 Weeks or lesser?


Alhamdulillah, dh semakin hampir dengan EDD utk kehadiran baby yang ke 3 =) Kelmarin check up kt hospital, doktor informed dh stage 1 of delivery... kepala baby dh ke bawah and be prepared for deliver... Allahu Akbar... terasa cepatnya masa berlalu... rasa mcm baru lagi pregnant and now im heavily 36 weeks dh rupanya...

Selalu nya orang cakap kalau dh anak ke3 ni xdela byk sgt preparation nk buat sebab boleh menurun barang anak2 yang atas kan... tapi lain kisahnya untuk kami... Sebab nya barang abang2 semua kat kl/seremban, so basically preparation tuk baby adik memg start from 0... 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Raya oh Raya 2015!


Erm puasa pun belum dh fikir persiapan raya kan? Bila dh anak2 makin ramai ni, bajet nk kena prepare lagi tinggi la kan... So, kena la buat persiapan lebih awal... lagi pun masa bulan puasa nnti masih dlm pantang so sila la bersiap lebih awal... xkan la time tu nk berebut ngn org beli brg plak kan...x sanggup nk memilih nk queue byr kt kaunter dgn mengusung budak2 ni in additional baby plak time tu... so, tindakan bijak bg i ialah beli awal ape yg ada.... 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Hobby and personal collection~


Selama ni masa kerja i jarang sikit berfikir part hobby ni coz most of time i have, i wish to spend for my boys... Bila dh full time housewife ni, i ada hari2 yg boleh la nk isi kan dgn hobby selain dr kena mengemas rumah yg hanya kemas bertahan selama 5 minit kan... ( u will understand it when u have kids in the house especially when they are boys 3y and 1y T_T) 

I memg suka minat on interior design... bukan la as experts tp menghias rumah ikut my own taste and favourite... which buat masa ni i dont think i can do it... so juz follow la group deco rumah ku syurgaku... beli magazine on interior design mencuci mata je la.... 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday~


The boys remote control cars 

Photos of the day

My working station

Till then~ xoxo 

Monday, April 6, 2015

My journey to be SAHM...


SAHM or staying at home mom, lebih senang housewife la hehehe sounds good to be true, just staying at home and take care of the kids... simple je kan? But the reality is, ONLY ALLAH knows... But being a mother, i believe most mother out there (i know not all) are really2 want to stay at home and take care of your own kids, kan? 

I feel u... when i delivered Luqman, counting days to go back to work was really hurt the feelings especially we had not find any babysitter or taska to send him off. Pendek kata, mencari tp clueless sebab mcm semua tmpt pun mcm x sesuai, x hygenic n byk sgt cerita yg x sedap di dengar masa tu... especially some of the taska x breastfeed friendly... Too many things in 1 time, husband pun minta tolong my mil to take care of Luqman sampai kitorg jumpa a good babysitter (which sampai besar Luqman end up dijaga oleh nenek hahah)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Travelling with kids? Yay or Nay?


As parents, its really a big dilemma to travel i.e. vacation with kids especially when u have more than 1 child... For me and my husband, both of us really love to travel... (duet je xde nk jenjalan selalu heheh) tapi bila ahli keluarga dah bertambah, ada banyak benda yang kena fikir... especially cost of transportation (ticket flight especially), accommodation ( a bigger space for the kids run here and there huhuh) etc... But so far, kitorang tak pernah tinggal kan both Luqman and Luthfi wherever we go... (i think its more on me yang risau if the boys nangis malam2 cari kitorang)

If you have the same feelings like me, here are some tips that might be useful for you to consider when travel with your kiddos =) 2 years back in 2013,we went to Hong Kong somewhere end of May, masa tu i was heavy pregnant kan Luthfi and Luqman was about 1 year 4 months... It's easier when you travel with only 1 child, sebab we can take turn to take care of the baby... at that time, Luqman baru pandai jalan so we were expecting to carry him all over the journey... 

When we went to Taiwan, i am also heavily pregnant which is due this coming mid of May 2015 =) travel with 2 boys were really challenging especially bila i tgh usung perut lagi... 

This time, i memang informed my husband that i just want a leisure trip, x sempat pergi semua famous places xpe, with heavy big tummy and 2 little heroes, what to expect kan?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Long lost updates...

Fuh.... berhabuk since raya last year x update... ingatkan bila dh fulltime housewife bleh update blog selalu... konon2nya siap mcm2 perangkaan cerita nk tulis... tp akhir nya berkubur mcm tu je sebab mls nk buka laptop...sebab the moment I open up the laptop, the boys will have lots of activities menjahamkan barang.... hahaha YES, my boys both dh besar n boleh bersekongkol dlm membuli ibu diorg ni...