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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mini Getaway : Kundasang


2 am and I cant sleep. The boys easily sleep without all the dramas; crying and protesting of not sleeping, thank you for not having a nap during the maghrib. Looking at the boys sleeping really like to hug them all three, but forget about it or else it will be the miserable night for me to have 2 boys waiting at my pillow and asking me to wake up. 

view of mountains at mersilau

The trip to kundasang was fun. We went to mersilau as usual, having our routine cooking our special dinner - nasi panas and hot tomyam really a good treat for a very cold weather. The next morning, my husband and i woke up early and went out to take some "wefie" together (ye la klu ada anak2 mane nk menyempat nye amik gmbr berdua kan) 

After the earthquake, i think there's nothing much different in Kundasang ( i mean for the "pekan" itself not the mountain). Everything looks the same except the road to mersilau trail is closed. Actually i really love the view of the golf club area at mersilau with the small flowers and trees, it looks so beautiful. 
My husband brought the boys for a walk while i'm packing our belongings 

Planning for something different this time (usually we had breakfast at the kedai mamak, take photos of the mountain,go to the desa dairy farm and back to pack our things at the hotel and go back to KK town), we have packed our things which lighter than usual (we didnt bring our bbq set/steamboat set), we checked out earlier around 930 am and went to Desa dairy Farm. 

Desa dairy farm located at Mersilau and it is a mandatory place to visit for us. This is because the boys (Luqman and Luthfi) really enjoyed it. This is one of activities that they really love it, meeting the real cow and goat and feed it. Other than that, we enjoyed eating ice cream here.

The precious view at Desa Dairy Farm

Mandatory activity 

After Desa, we went to explore Ranau. This is our first time to go there. We tried to drive there before but after 15 minutes seeing nothing we met, we return to Kundasang and back to KK. But this time, we google about the place and waze the location.Too bad, the internet coverage was not that good and we stopped by at the petrol station and asked. Luckily it was the right way and alhamdulillah, this time we made it. 

#Fish Spa and Massage, Kampung Luanti Baru, Tagal- Ranau 

From Pekan Kundasang, it takes about another 1 hour to reach here. There's no signage at all and just drive all along the way follow the signage to Sandakan, insyaAllah you will reach this place. From Kundasang, u will reach the Pekan Ranau first, then follow the signage to Sandakan, there will be 2 roads, left side is to Poring Hot Springs, choose the right one if you want to go this place, its about 20 minutes drive from Pekan Ranau.  Entrance fee for Malaysian adult is RM5 only but if you want to swim here, per entrance is RM10, children below 6 yrs old is free. Not forget that RM3 for camera (including phone camera). For fish food, only 1 small pack per person,it costs you 20 cents only and you cant buy it more.  Per entry is only for 15 minutes, so enjoy your foot spa, take photos and that's it. 

After Fish Spa, we went to the Poring Hot Spring just to see what do they have. It takes about 20 minutes to drive in to the place. It looks nice to bring your family spending time together, enjoying the water activities, but dont expect for the fancy thingy like sunway lagoon or even desa water park. They only have swimming pools and open bath tub with hot spring, close bath tub and butterflies garden (we didnt go to the garden because it started to rain). The entrance fee is RM10 per person only. 

Open Bath Tub 

Tempat merendam kaki sahaja

The Happy feet =)

On the way from the main road, we saw a banner about Rafflesia bloom day 1. We took this opportunity to drop by.  We just follow the signage and it was a personal family who coincidentally the Rafflesia naturally habitat at nearby their house. 

I am really happy for this, i never believed that i can see this flower alive in front of me. This one is already bloomed for 4 days. Because we brought 3 boys so we cant go further into the jungle to see the 1st day bloom of rafflesia which take about another 10 minutes to walk into the jungle and the it was raining. This rafflesia bloom only once a year and i wish next year i will have the opportunity to see the small ball next to this to bloom here. (Can you see the small ball there? It's also the rafflesia and need 1 year in order to bloom). They charged us RM10 per person to see this flower.

It was so tiring, we had not have our lunch and drive back to Kundasang. We drop by at the Intan's Cafe but we sleep inside the car before heading back to KK. It was really fun trip though until today, i am still tired, need to unpack our things and headache with the boys that hyperly active. Other than that, i enjoyed our mini getaway even though we have been to Kundasang like more than 5 times. 

If you love nature, you will love this place, for it scenery views. I love it, for every time i come, it gives me peace of mind. It feels like ---> Dear Problem, please go away! 

That's it until now~    

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