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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Its almost there!


Since may, berhabuk dh blog x hapdate x dilwt langsung :-( bukan sebab bz keje tp bz ngn new life n keje yg x tentu hala...

Alhmdulillah, towards end of 2011, rezeki murah.. both me n husband star keje bru in new place in july...bukn keje tmpt sama tp dpt offer keje yg lebih baik... :-)

Diam menyepi n now, i nk announce to the world yg im expecting to be a mother in january 2012... wee... thanx Allah for this wonderful gift!

2011 is a great year n i am eager heading towards 2012 to have our little google junior!

I am very happy to a great husband... p/s i love u till the end <3

till then...xoxo ~

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