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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Dragon 2012~

Siapa ada bli magazine Parenthood issue January 2012?

Semua pun tahu kan 2012 is the year of Dragon according to Chinese Birth Sign... Chinese New Year pun few days to go so sesape yg EDD after CNY, discover your child's personality according to chinese birth sign... 

source: Parenthood, Jan 2012 

The Dragon 

Motto : The heaviest load in life is not having anything to carry

Famous Dragons : Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Shirley Temple

A Dragon child is known for his vitality, positive attitude and leadership. The upbeat dragon is always the first to volunteer and feels duty-bound to fulfill all responsibilities thrust upon him. This child is drawn to challenges with fearlessness and optimism. He has complete faith in his parents and tends to put them on a pedestal. 

He develops strong convictions early in life and needs good role models to show him the way. He must learn that might is not right, or he may intimidate others without being aware of it.

A Dragon Child loves his parents and has an army of loyal friends. He has a bold yet compassionate heart, which matches his strength of character. He is an idealistic visionary who could make his dreams come true with his dedication and magnetism.