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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Luqman Raeze is 1!

For a long time x update blog... now Luqman is 1... erm for about last 2 weeks actually on 28th January 2013.... Alhamdulillah, he is now a big healthy boy =)

5 months @ cameron

Lepas swimming with daddy

1st time ride car @ miri masa 9 months

Bought his 1st ever motorcycle

Addicted naik kete dh...
In a year time, lots of things my husband and I learned each other in raising this little guy... what's the best what is not...is always try an error... We pray that we have give the best for him and for his future undertakings....

For his 1st ever birthday celebration, actually, we have no plan for any birthday party... My husband and i bukanla orang yg ramai kengkawan yg ada anak sebaya yg bleh nk jemput for the celebration kan... Then, luckily my mother in law sudi nk tolong masak and tolong jemputkan budak2 area her house tuk memeriahkan birthday Luqman...

LR is 1

seronok dpt hadiah hehe

Luqman's cake

Luqman and mommy

End of the party

LR with his new truck
It's a simple party, budak2 enjoying each other with games... Luqman enjoyed the day... May Allah bless u always my boy... U r always no 1 for me =) love u...