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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Travelling with kids? Yay or Nay?


As parents, its really a big dilemma to travel i.e. vacation with kids especially when u have more than 1 child... For me and my husband, both of us really love to travel... (duet je xde nk jenjalan selalu heheh) tapi bila ahli keluarga dah bertambah, ada banyak benda yang kena fikir... especially cost of transportation (ticket flight especially), accommodation ( a bigger space for the kids run here and there huhuh) etc... But so far, kitorang tak pernah tinggal kan both Luqman and Luthfi wherever we go... (i think its more on me yang risau if the boys nangis malam2 cari kitorang)

If you have the same feelings like me, here are some tips that might be useful for you to consider when travel with your kiddos =) 2 years back in 2013,we went to Hong Kong somewhere end of May, masa tu i was heavy pregnant kan Luthfi and Luqman was about 1 year 4 months... It's easier when you travel with only 1 child, sebab we can take turn to take care of the baby... at that time, Luqman baru pandai jalan so we were expecting to carry him all over the journey... 

When we went to Taiwan, i am also heavily pregnant which is due this coming mid of May 2015 =) travel with 2 boys were really challenging especially bila i tgh usung perut lagi... 

This time, i memang informed my husband that i just want a leisure trip, x sempat pergi semua famous places xpe, with heavy big tummy and 2 little heroes, what to expect kan?

1. Weather 

For 1st timer yang baru nk bawak baby ke toddler ke jln2, first and foremost you should check the place you want to go (klu outside Malaysia la kan...) is weather... we all knows that babies especially really sensitive to weather changes. Masa we went to Taiwan, the weather was cold, windy and little bit rainy (hujan lalu cmtu je la)

Based on our experience bringing Luqman to HK in 2013, masa tu memg everyday hujan di HK, so 1 of the most important thing utk bawa ialah BAJU HUJAN for the kids. Rain coat ni paling murah tapi x bergaya boleh beli kat Daiso je, RM5 satu... nk ygg berseluar ke, yang mcm baju kelawar ke... ada je... klu nk yg mahal yang ada kartun2 comel tu kt Mothercare ada... tp for us, we wont spend extra money just to get this fancy rain coat sebab we need more money to travel heheh

Next thing to bring is MEDICINE. Ubat-ubatan yang standard i.e ubat demam, selsema, ubat batuk and cool fever are #MUSTHAVE bila travel dengan anak2... sebab klu kt tmpt org, tiba2 anak demam ke selsema ke, xla menjajau nk carik klinik kan? At least you have the precaution... Yang ni we all selalu go to the panel clinic and request ubat2 ni and informed the doctor that we need it for travel purposes. Even i request jugak ubat untuk orang dewasa sekali just in case we need it.. (its not the kids yang sensitive dgn perubahan cuaca, kan?)

Selain tu, BAJU-BAJU YANG SESUAI DENGAN CUACA adalah sangat penting... mcm i cakap before, bila pergi tmpt sejuk (depends on the temperature kt tmpt tu, klu mcm Taiwan masa kitorg pergi its within 13-18 darjah celcius if im not mistaken) make sure u buy the right sweater for the kids... we bought our kids sweater dekat Traveller and its better to buy it there because you have better choices for every suitable weather for country you will visit...

Selain a good sweater, other things to think of ialah baju long sleeve, socks, shoes, and pants. Pants i bought di H&M yang ada 2 layer tu, so tebal which good enough for the kids. Jeans, normal long pants yang selalu kita guna bawa jln2 kat Msia ni memg a big NO sebab kita org dewasa pun boleh gigil2 sejuk, ni kan pulak budak2 kan? Tapi if u all planning to go to Krabi ke Maldives ke bleh la beli short pants je...

2. Stroller or Baby Carrier 

This depends on your preference and place to go. My suggestion, read about the place you about to go. For us, dari anak seorang sampai anak dua ni, we still prefer to bring stroller and a big NO to baby carrier. Sebab x lrt nk dukung, sakit pinggang sakit belakang hahaha We've tried to use the baby carrier when we went to HK masa tu Luqman was about 10kg, we bought the Mothercare carrier yang boleh carry baby up to 12kg, it costs us about RM239 or RM199 if im not mistaken, tapi end up we use that carrier for the 1st day sahaja. Luckily we brought Luqman's stroller jugak masa tu. So for the rest of the vacation, we only use the stroller even part of the journey hop on bus tour.

Even when we decided to go to Taiwan, my husband and i, never ending story discussing about bringing 2 strollers which we end up bought 2 new strollers hahaha we have only 2 boys for the time being but i think we really investing in buying strollers ( we had bought 5 strollers all together since we have Luqman and Luthfi).

Why we bought new stroller? Hmm memg dh lama nk beli yang baru sebab the one we bought SCR lipat payung dh nazak susah nk tolak, so memg dh lama survey looking for a good stroller to replace it. This SCR is 2nd stroller that we bought, 1st was SCR 9 (dah jual pun kt kawan), lepas tu i bought 2ndhand combi yang dah relai pun (ada kt rumah kl) then kitorg rasa susah nk bawa 2 stroller, we bought tandem stroller that end up pki x smpi 10x pun sebab kena naik lift all the time and lift sentiasa penuh dgn org yang mls nk naik escalator which we end up wasting our time waiting in front of the lift nak tunggu bila la lift tu kosong... So, for this journey, we end up buying 2 new strollers again. Tapi, its really worth buying sebab we fully used the strollers there. Both boys really behave the whole day jalan2 sitting inside the stroller.

One more important thing, Taiwan is a very stroller friendly place. Nak naik lrt segala memg senang sebab diorang ada lane khas masuk lrt station for OKU, parents with stroller etc. Apa yang lagi best, kat sana memang yang bawa stroller ni priority, lift very easy access so jangan la bawa stroller naik escalator ye kalau xnak kene marah heheh even in HK pun easy access to lift if you bring stroller. 

3. Others 

Rasa nya all main things to think about dh cerita. Other thing to think of ialah pampers. I bawa pampers dua jenis, satu pampers biasa yang pakai tape tu, pastu yang pants. Yang pants i bawak masa pg jln2 sebab senang nk tukar in case klu xde babies room. Ni just a precaution but if you are about going to Taiwan, babies room are everywhere, breastfeeding room sgt byk even dkat station mrt pun ada breastfeeding room, so no worries. Tahap kebersihan adalah tip top. 

Foods plak depends anak-anak jenis makan apa. Kalau anak memilih, make sure bawak food untuk anak siap2... for me, i selalu prep kan cookies tuk makan masa jln2 (kudap-kudapan), air kotak (susu coklat dutch lady, milo etc) sebab malas nk bw susu nk bancuh bagai tp ni applicable klu anak dh 3 4 tahun la k... klu yang baby nak x nk kene bawa la kan... 

Jangan lupa bawa wet tissues in small packaging in your handbag for easy use. Tau la budak2 kan, i prefer wet tissue then bringing handkerchief. Hand sanitiser is a #musthave gak. One of important thing gak, disposable plastik sampah. Beli kt giant yang gulung2 dlm paket tu cukup la, nk simpan n guna pun senang.   

This are all basic things you need to think of and prepare when travel with infant and toddlers =) other extra things depend on your own needs. If you have other extra thing, do add in to your checklist and do share with us too..

Till then~ xoxo 

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