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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

where my heart is... Kandyhearts

Introducing Kandyhearts 

Instagram : kandyhearts14 

Identiti : Our first product ~~> cheesekut (marie nestum)

Part of our services and activities: 

1. candy buffet for weddings and birthdays or any occasion 
2. Doorgifts 
3. Participation in bazaar (offline market)

Our first job for candy buffet 

Doorgift orders 

Offline Market

Our #best seller ~~>  #MELTY MILO :-)

We have varieties of cheesekut
#marie nestum
#nutty hershey (chocolate / strawberry)
#toblerone cracker
#blueberry cheesekut
#cheezy tiramisu
#cookie in jar
#hearty cookie 
melty milo 

Besides daily orders, we also custom size our cheesekut as per requested by customer =) 
cheesekut in custom size 
 After all, i'm a cake lover... I start to bake cupcakes and learn decorations for cakes... 
moist choc cupcakes 
I wish to reset up my Kandyhearts in KK... I believe, KH is not just a hobby, will convert it to a career, insyaAllah... lots of things to learn... please support kandyhearts friends =) 

Till we meet again~xoxo

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